Water for clean energy transitions: can competing rights be reconciled?

When? 12noon CEST 24 June 2022

Where? Register for this event on Zoom using this link – https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYvcu-vrjsoEtX6njw_hDSQieIHlTBP7oG9

Energy production and use require water resources. Expanding the use of renewable technology changes current balances: wind, solar and batteries require key minerals, many of them available in places where water is already scarce and mining competes with the living of local populations. In this class, we will focus on the role of water in the tension between the need to expand renewable energy use to mitigate climate change and the protection of rights of communities and ecosystems. Do current measures provide a good enough solution to the tension, or what would it take to do so?


Larissa Basso

Larissa Basso is a Research Fellow of the Earth Systems Governance project (https://www.earthsystemgovernance.org/). Her research focuses on politics of energy transitions, especially in emerging economies, but she also works with topics of international and comparative environmental law, comparative environmental politics and on the role of Brazil in global environmental and climate governance. She has taught courses on development and sustainability in Latin America, contemporary politics, global political economy and international law.

Recommended reading:

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