A Human Rights Ethics of Water Consumption

When? 5pm CEST Tuesday 21 June 2022

Where? Use this link to register for this class on Zoom – https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUode-rpj4pGdFg946wDTZzy9e5_TDEq248

Due to its fundamental value for human life, access to water and sanitation has been considered by the United Nations as human rights. If access to water is a vital human right, such accessibility is inextricably associated with an ethics of just consumption of water. Human rights-based approach to water confirms justice in terms of four indicators: sufficient availability, safe and free- hazardous water, accessibility, and affordability. However, these indicators do not explain explicitly why the just consumption must be considered a categorical factor in the contemporary human rights-based approach. Nor human rights-centered approaches explicate what ethical account can best express the just consumption of water.
This panel discussion outlines five ethical traditions in support of the necessity of just consumption.


Dr Mahmoud Masaeli

Dr. Mahmoud Masaeli is currently professor of human rights studies at IranAcademia (the Netherlands). He was teaching at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University until retirement in 2019. He is the founder and Honorary Executive Director of the global think tank Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns (ap-gc.net), the founder and Director of recently established APGC Centre for the Higher Study of Human Rights and Democratic Development (apgc.education). He has published extensively in English and Farsi.

Dr Stanley Uche Anozie

Dr. Stanley Uche Anozie teaches Philosophy (The Person and Social Responsibility) at Boston College (Jesuit University), Massachusetts, USA. He is a Boston College PULSE Program faculty member. Anozie is a co-director of Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns -an Ottawa-based scholarly organization and a consultative status organization with UN-ECOSOC. He has published books and articles in scholarly journals. Among his recent books is Hans-Georg Gadamer and African Hermeneutic Philosophy.

Dr Betty Baba

Dr. Betty Baba is a part-time Professor at the University of Calgary. She holds a Ph.D.  in Sociology and Anthropology with a combined focus in Women and Gender Studies from the University of Lille 1, Paris. Her research interest includes violence against women, and the ongoing portrayal of the powerlessness of women, despite domestic and international laws that guarantee women’s rights are human rights. She has published Socio-Anthropologie de la polygynie au Ghana: le cas du pays Dagomba. She has also published articles in both English and French and contributed to chapters in Feminist Journeys book.

Seyyed Ahmad Hoseine

Seyyed Ahmad Hoseini (MSc) graduated from the University of Tehran in water resources management. He enjoys over 15 years of research in multidisciplinary subjects related to water management. Currently, He is Co-founder and CEO of Iran’s Water Policy School, a center for providing water policy knowledge in terms of politics, culture, economics, history, philosophy, and law subjects. He has been awarded a scholarship from the Middle East North Africa (MENA/MSP) program in 2021, funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a short course entitled: Water & Environmental Law which is offered by IHE-Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands.

Dr. Geraldine Sinyuy

Dr. Geraldine Sinyuy earned her PhD in English (Commonwealth Literature) in May 2018 from the University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon. She earned a Secondary and High School Teacher’s Diploma from the Higher Teachers Training College, University of Yaoundé I in 2005. Geraldine Sinyuy taught English as a Foreign Language at Government Technical College Bangoulap, Bangangte from 2006-2016. During this time, she took up a part-time job as Assistant Lecturer of Medical English at Université des Montagnes, Bangangte from 2010-2014. She is currently an English Language and Literature in English teacher at Government Bilingual High School Down Town Bamenda, Cameroon. Sinyuy also taught as an English Language part-time teacher (2005-2007) at English High School Yaoundé. She has published academic articles in both local and international journals. Her research areas include culture, gender and migration in Postcolonial Literatures in English. Sinyuy is a creative writer and shows interest in folktales, short stories and poetry. Geraldine Sinyuy was a featured storyteller on World Pulse in May 2017. She has attended many international conferences. Sinyuy is the author of Music in the Woods and Other Folktales. She is an editor at WordCity Journal and also does Copyediting and Proofreading as a part time job. She’s an advocate for a green and clean environment, trains people on portable organic gardening, does organic gardening, and equally runs an online cookery school via whatsapp. She also does online business and loves traveling, flower gardening, coaching and meeting new people.

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